Wim Hof the Iiceman has shown that your mind can rule over the processes in your body.

This man has subjected his body to extreme conditions. Where he was supposed to have died mant times over.

Is he just a cat with 9 lives or is there a metjod to his madness.

According to Wim just by breathing correctly you can change the body internally from being acid to being alkeline.

He has proven with the assistence of many of his students that him and any other person following the process can become in control of the body functions

He has walek in the ice for kilometers only wearing shorts. He has spend 80 minutes in ice cold water.Can keep his breath in long enough to swim 130meter under the water in ice cold sea water.

It is thus proven that the mind if used correctly can acuire the skills to control your body and even the resistence to illnes and arthirites.

Wim has tuaght 26 people to be able to lie down on ice in extreme cold conditions for a long period of time he also taught a group to resist an infection by an bacteria that was injected into them. The control group became infected , while Wims group overcame the illnes/ bacteria with their minds.