Becoming supernatural

It is a scientific fact that te hormones of stress regulate genes and create disease, longterm effects. Because of the size of the neo cortex  can turn on a stress responce just by thought alone, we think about our problems and we turn on those chemicals, That means that our thoughts can make us sick.

So if it is possible for our thoughts to make us sick, is it possible for our thoughts to make us well?


A habit is a redundend set of automatic unconscious thoughts, behaviours and emotions that is required thru repetition

When you have done something so much that your body knows better how to do it than your mind.

people wake up in the morning and they think about their problems, those problems are circuits, memories in the brain, Eack oneof those memories are connected to people and things at certain times and places and if the brain is a record of the past, the moment they start their day they are already thinking in the past. Each one of those memories has an emotion.

Emotions are the end product of past experiences. So the moment they recall those memories of their problems they have a sudden feel of being inhappy, they feel pain

How you think and how you feel creates your state of being. When a persons entire state of being when they start their day is in the past. It means that a fimiliar past will soon be a predictable future,

If you believe that your thoughts has something to do with your destiny then you cant think greater than how you feel. Our feelings has become the means of thinking and by the very definition of emotions you are thinking in the past and for the most part you will be creating the same life.

So the you grap your cellphone they check their whats app, their yext , their facebooks, emails they post someting on instagram facenooj, check the news  and then feel really connected to everything that is in their life and then they go through a serious of ruotine behaviours, They get out of bed oon the same side, they have a cup of coffee they shower,  get dressed,they drive to work they use the same route they see the same people they push the same buttons and that becomes the routine it becomes like a program. They have lost their free will to a program and their is no unseen hand doing it to them. When it comes to time to change, the redundency of that cycle becomes a subconscious program.

95% of who we are by the time we become 35 years is a memorised set of behaviours, emotional reactions unconscious habits, hardwired attitudes, believes and perceptions that functions like a computer program. Now a person can say with 5% of the conscious mind I want to be healthy , happy and free but the body is on a whole different program,

How do you begin to make those changes?

You have to get behind the annalitical mind because what seperates the subconscious mind from the conscious mind is the annalytical mind and that is where meditation comes in to teach people through practice how to change their brainwaves slow then down, when you do that properly you will enter the operating system where they can begin to change the operating system.

Most people then wait for a crises or trauma or disease or diagnosis 6:00