What is missing from your life? If you are really honest with yourself then you will realise that something is missing

 We are so weird as a society, we all want to be perfect, so perfect  that we do not want to acknowledge that something is missing in our lives, we even try to cover it up to ourselves,  you know how you know that something is missing?  If you look around at people's lives there is this huge thing that almost everyone experiences and it isStress

The Sumerian Culture seems to have sprung up from out of nowhere.

The left over a million tablets with their  transactions and religious believes on.

It is the oldest writing that there are complete forms for.

The Sumerian lived in the areas of Iraq and Iran.


You are not your mind.

The biggest problem that we face as humans is that we identify with our mind , which causes thought to become compulsive. Not to be able to stop thinking is a dreadful affliction. Almost everyone is suffering from this. It is considered normal this mental noise prevents you from finding inner stilness.

It also creates a mind made self, that causes fear and sufferring


How does one remain positive when things go wrong in your life?

A friend has had 2 people that he cared for commiting suicide and he feels responsible.

10 years later he is in a bad situation again where someone accuses him of something that he never did and he struggles to focus at work.

Now he is going to lose his work because od him being unable to focus on the tasks at hand


NLPis the art and science of personal excellence:

NLP a complete and proven system of success

NLP the New technology of achievement.

It teaches you how to use your own mind in effective ways to produce the results you want in all areas of your life.

It is a powerful technology that can be learned by anyone and it produces results quickly and easily.

The developers of NLP had discovered that happiness and success are the results of specific patterns of thinking.



Non Judgemental
Trust in ourselfves and bring awareness so that we can see when we do not trust ourselfves.
Cultivating patients.
Always rushing causes that we a never where we want to be. Patients is healing
Non Doing
Not having to do something a  state of being with the unvolding of life. We are always trying to escape from things in the past.
Be grateful for being alive
Be grateful for your organs working
Give to other people because it gives joy to others. Giving some attention and joy to someoe other than yourself